Cheryl L. Sington, PhD – Cheryl L. Sington, PhD, of Sington Consulting has a very diverse array of expertise. Although she began her professional career in the entertainment industry she transitioned into education and psychology as she continued to work in the various careers. Her incredibly diverse background and experience have made Dr. Sington one of the most sought after advisor and consultant in each of these disciplines.

After completing her undergraduate work at the University of Alabama, as a double major in Dance and Theater, she then moved to California and was fortunate enough to work in the industry for many years. She transitioned into the Education arena when schools began asking her to develop Performing Arts Departments and majors and completed her M.Ed at Middle Tennessee State University. From there she began her MS in Psychology and completed her PhD in Psychology. Dr. Sington moved to the Ft. Myers area in 2003 when she began working with FGCU. Her teaching and outreach work there allowed her to then begin working with families in the private sector as well as bring her other passion back to the arts world with the opening of her Dance Studio, The Dance Warehouse.

In the past 10 years Dr. Sington has guided and directed families and students in their educational goals, plans and dreams and has been fortunate to see 100 percent success rate with her students for the College Admissions and Financial Aid and Scholarship. To date her clients have been awarded over $200,000.00 in scholarships and grants!

Trisha Amodei, Administrative Assistant – Trisha was born in New York City and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She moved to Fort Myers 6 years ago and works in education and healthcare. Mrs. Amodei worked at FGCU in the Outreach Program Department and then for a catholic high school in the Guidance Department.

Mrs. Amodei is serving as the Administrative Assistant for Sington Consulting and is also a Patient Advocate for Emergency Services. Mrs. Amodei believes education is the most important component to our nation’s future and believes all children should learn and excel academically in a safe environment for all future success.

Lesley Gillen, Exceptional Student Educatiom – Originally from Ohio, Mrs.Lesley Gillen attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, earning her BS in Special Education. She taught in Ohio for 3 years before moving to Lee County in 1993. Lesley has worked for Lee County School since then as a Special Ed. teacher, Staffing Specialist for Exceptional Student Education, and as a General Ed. teacher.

Her teaching experience with children ranges from 4th through 12th grades. Lesley is certified in Special Ed K-12, Elementary Education K-6, and Middle Grades Math 5-9. Mrs. Gillen’s goal is to instill a love of learning to her students, and she believes that for all of us, learning is a lifelong process.

Barbara Gruber, Educational Pre K-12 Placement Specialist – Born and raised in New Jersey, Barbara moved to Fort Myers over 35 years ago and went to college in Fort Myers at Edison College and continued her college education at the University of South Florida in Tampa. From there she started her career as a teacher and behavior specialist at a state school for intellectually, developmentally delayed elementary, middle and high school students.

After thirteen years she accepted a position in the Lee County Public Schools in Exceptional Student Education where she served students for sixteen years in pre-kindergarten through second grade. In that position she was responsible for daily instruction, diagnosing educational needs, writing and implementing IEP’S and HP’s. From there her career continued to intermediate elementary with Specific Learning Disabled /SLD students in a self contained class.

Her public school experience ended with two years working with general education students and inclusion students in 3rd thru 5th grades. Mrs. Gruber believes that every child can learn at their own time, rate and pace, in the least restricted environment to become a successful productive member of our society.