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Sington Consulting educational consultants provide counseling to help students choose the best school or college.

Have confidence in choosing a qualified consultant; choose Sington Consulting – time tested, qualified and proven with results!

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What is Educational Consulting?

What Do Educational Consultants Do?
The answer to this is “just about everything.” Sington Consulting works with colleges, universities, academic and medical centers, public and private schools, educational providers, corporate universities and for profit providers of educational services. The methodology varies from company to company, but the Sington Consulting process generally begins with a written proposal. When the go-ahead is given, a project team forms (usually consisting of a project manager, a researcher and an analyst) and begins to interview professors, administrators and students in an effort to understand the institution. Based on the preliminary findings, Sington Consulting identifies the critical issues to be studied. Sington Consulting may then devise a questionnaire or customize other data-collection methods, and conduct or oversee the collection of the data. Once the team has analyzed the information, we develop recommendations and present the client with a written research report.
Role of The Consultant
An educational consultant is a skilled professional who provides counseling to help students and family choose a school or college that is a good personal match; one that will foster your particular student’s academic and social growth. Educational consultants can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all of the options.
What are the Qualifications of an Educational Consultant?
Licensed and trained: a relatively small number of educational consultants are licensed and specifically trained to provide screening, intervention, evaluation, treatment and referral services for both psychological and educational problems. Membership in a Professional Organization: a growing number of educational consultants are becoming members of professional organizations which require specific education and experience for membership. Membership provides some assurance to consumers. Incompetent Providers: there is no state regulation, licensure or educational requirements before someone can call themselves an educational consultant. Unfortunately, there are inexperienced and unqualified people offering educational and psychological services in this country.
About Dr. Cheryl L. Sington
After completing her undergraduate work at the University of Alabama, as a double major in Dance and Theater, she then moved to California and was fortunate enough to work in the industry for many years. She transitioned into the Education arena when schools began asking her to develop Performing Arts Departments and majors and completed her M.Ed at Middle Tennessee State University. From there she began her MS in Psychology and completed her PhD in Psychology. Dr. Sington moved to the Ft. Myers area in 2003 when she began working with FGCU. Her teaching and outreach work there allowed her to then begin working with families in the private sector as well as bring her other passion back to the arts world with the opening of her Dance Studio, The Dance Warehouse.

In the past 10 years Dr. Sington has guided and directed families and students in their educational goals, plans and dreams and has been fortunate to see 100 percent success rate with her students for the College Admissions and Financial Aid and Scholarship. To date her clients have been awarded over $200,000.00 in scholarships and grants!

Educational Consulting Excellence
Cheryl L. Sington, PhD, of Sington Consulting has a very diverse array of expertise. Although she began her professional career in the entertainment industry she transitioned into education and psychology as she continued to work in the various careers. Her incredibly diverse background and experience have made Dr. Sington one of the most sought after advisor and consultant in each of these disciplines.

What Our Clients Say

Cheryl is the best partner you could have as an educational consultant. She cares deeply and is fully vested in your success. With her help, I attended my dream school and made the best decision academically, professionally, and financially. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.
Andrew Nichols, Data Analyst at New York Presbyterian Hospital
We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the guidance you provided our family in college selection. Your assistance in applying to various colleges and your facilitation of financial aid and scholarship money was invaluable. Thank you for your mentoring during the college planning cycle during those especially stressful junior and senior years in high school. I only wish we had met your a decade sooner and taken advantage of your expert consulting in tutoring our older children as well!
The Deperi Family
With three children in the public school system and a full time job, finding Dr. Sington was the greatest thing that could have happened! She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the college scholarship application process. She understands what the colleges and scholarship programs expect of applicants. She knows how the systems work, and she knows how to work the systems.
Cori Olayos
Thank you Dr. Sington. You gave me all the tools needed not only to apply and get into college and to raise the money to pay for it, but also many tools I need to succeed in life. You were the blessing who pulled all my spontaneous and unorganized efforts together, setting me straight and on the perfect course towards my goals. You set me up for a better future, I’ll never forget all you did to get me there, and because of your unconditional passion to help me, I realize how with the right help and dedication, anything is possible.
Goeto Dantes